How to Change the Slide Size in Google Slides

March 13, 2023 |

When you’re using projectors and monitors to give your presentation, it might not be well-suited for these kinds of screens. However, Google Slides allows you to change the aspect ratio of your presentations, choosing between 16:9 (widescreen), 16:10, 4:3 (standard) and custom. Depending on where you’re going to give your presentation, you might need an adapted version for widescreen or another one for 4:3 screens. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to change the aspect ratio step by step. Have in mind that after modifying the original aspect ratio of your presentation, any elements and images will get scrambled and you’ll need to readjust them one by one in the slides or even the master slides. To change the aspect ratio of your slides, click on File → Page setup… Then choose the desired option. Page setup If you need any other size, choose “Custom” and enter the desired width…    read more 

How to Change Layouts in PowerPoint

March 13, 2023 |

A PowerPoint template is composed of several layouts applied to the slides. The layouts are the set of elements that form up the appearance of any given slide. These elements can be text boxes, placeholders, backgrounds, logos, etc. These layouts can be changed in any of the slides of your presentation, and you can apply them to any new slide that you create. If you want to learn how to create new slides, please refer to this tutorial, which contains everything that you need to get started in PowerPoint. To change the layout of the slides, you can do any of the following: Select the slide whose layout you want to change, open the Layout drop-down menu, located in the Slides section of the Home tab, and choose the one that suits your needs. Layout drop-down menu Right-click the slide whose layout you want to change → Layout. Then choose the…    read more