How to make your presentation more visual and effective

in PowerPoint Tips on July 21, 2020

Looking for quick tips on how to create more effective presentations? You want to make your PowerPoint slides more visual, but aren’t sure how?

Here are some simple tips that may help, of course, you can also make a quick presentation using the free powerpoint template from

Reduce the text on your slides

Bullet points do not convey information effectively to the presenter, so they break the text into keywords and arrange them into shapes that are easy to animate.

Show the location on the map

If you have a list of locations in your presentation, animating it on a map shows the extent of your growth or catchment area and helps the audience connect locations and Spaces to the company.

Add color hints

Use color language as shorthand for slides – red for error, green for correctness, yellow and black for danger. Or use an understanding of the color wheel to make important elements stand out on the slide – consider complementary opposites to make things really popular!

Service schedule

When you schedule dates and events on a timeline, they are easy to understand. FACTS They look much better than bulleted lists with occasional illustrations.

Replace text with a label image

Why have a paragraph of text when you can tag a glossy product image or illustrate a part of a classic stock photo? Not only does it look better, it also makes it easier for your audience to retain information.

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